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Do you enjoy going for walks along some of the most beautiful trails in Oshawa? Do you passionately support the idea of an off leash park where you, the responsible pet owner, can freely exercise and socialize your dog? If you do, then come and join us at Harmony Valley Off-Leash Park.

The off leash park is a reality because of some determined and dedicated people who volunteered many hours of hard work, strong negotiating skills and charm to make this project possible for you. These people are now the key members of ODAWG, (Oshawa Durham Area Walkers Group) the user group for Harmony Valley Off-leash Dog Park. The executive meet with officials from the City of Oshawa four times annually. They oversee the park and help make improvements within. Voluntary annual membership fees help support park enhancements.

New members are always welcome!


Our activities are all volunteer based, and we are always looking for members of the community to help out. There are many opportunities to get involved. For more information please contact us!

Oshawa Durham Area Walkers Group

ODAWG is the group that made Harmony Valley Dog Park an off-leash park. ODAWG is made up many dedicated volunteers who put many hours of their service into the park. The executives of the group meet with officials from the City of Oshawa four times annually. They oversee the park and help make improvements within.

ODAWG Mission Statement

“To promote sustainable, healthy and active lifestyles for Oshawa area residents and their dogs.”

ODAWG Mandate

  1. Advocate positive park use
  2. Educate responsible pet ownership
  3. Support continued improvement of off-leash facilities
  4. Act as a liaison with the City of Oshawa

ODAWG Goals and Objectives

  1. Establish and maintain an effective code of conduct for off-leash behaviour
  2. Foster and promote responsible pet ownership
  3. Organize and implement park related events
  4. Fund raise for facility improvements
  5. Communicate regularly with the City of Oshawa Please support the founders of the first off-leash park in Oshawa by keeping the park safe and clean. Harmony Valley Park is a public place and can easily be designated to a different use at a moment’s notice. Please appreciate the time and effort that has been put to make this project happen for your convenience – stoop and scoop and do not litter. New members are always welcome.


Ambassadors are identified volunteers who monitor the park. They educate park users about park etiquette and By-Laws governing Harmony Valley Park. Ambassadors are NOT responsible for enforcement of rules or by-laws or for resolving disputes. They provide the appropriate contact information to the concerned parties. Ambassadors assist with special events planned by ODAWG. There are presently 35 registered Ambassadors, but we always welcome more. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact us.

Executive Committee

Debi Foster – Chair
Yvonne Kuhn – Treasurer
Diane Meitner – Secretary
Pete Lipscomb – Special Projects Co-ordinator
Karen Graham – Executive Member at Large
Sue Montgomery – Executive Member at Large

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