Dear Fellow Dog Owners,

It has come to the attention of ODAWG that many dog owners are unaware of the Dog Owners’ Liability Act. (DOLA)

We believe that everyone should understand their responsibilities as a dog owner. 

We know that the majority of dogs at the park play well with other dogs, but if your dog does not, or meets the criteria for Pit Bulls as outlined in the DOLA, then we do ask that you muzzle your dog.  Muzzles are simply a training tool.  Muzzles do not mean that a dog is bad or evil, simply that their social skills are not always appropriate.  Using a muzzle also shows respect for the other dogs and people using the park. It is so much better to be safe than sorry.  Please also know that we are aware that the term Pit Bull is very much a contentious one and looks do not define an animal. What we ask is for responsible dog ownership by everyone who uses the park.

Most sincerely,