Coyotes in the Park

There have been a number of coyote sightings and interactions at the park over the past few months and we are now into whelping season, so the parents will become protective of their pups. 

Lesley Sampson from Coyote Watch Canada who spoke at the ODAWG Annual General Meeting on April 18th shared some very timely information with us regarding coyote behaviour and ways that we can act to discourage interaction if we do encounter coyotes on our walks. The following is an excerpt from the brochure “Co-existing with Wildlife”.


  • STOP Pick up children and small pets if necessary
  • STAND STILL Never run from a coyote, fox or a domestic dog
  • MAKE YOURSELF BIG Wave your arms high in the air or pop an umbrella, use a whistle, shake a can with pebbles or rocks
  • BE LOUD AND ASSERTIVE Shout “Go Away!” , stomp your feet or clap your hands
  • SLOWLY BACK AWAY Be assertive as you leave, if need be, to ensure the animal knows it is not welcome

We would like to encourage everyone to read all the information from Coyote Watch Canada or go to to better understand coyotes.  We want all park users and inhabitants to be safe within the park.