Memorial Project

ODAWG wanted a way for members to be able to remember their canine companions and those who loved the park and came up with the idea of the Memorial Project.  There are three facets of the Memorial Project.

The George Mlynek Memorial Bench which was designed by Gregory Allan Designs in 2011 and built by Greg Saunders and Stuart Johnson (Bobcat of Durham East) was the first element of the Memorial Project. Our canine companions are remembered with Corian dog bone plaques prepared by Inlay Creations Ltd. which are mounted along the sides of the Memorial Bench. In April 2018 the bench was dedicated to George Mlynek who was a stalwart volunteer and supporter of the Off-Leash park.

Since the creation of the Memorial Bench we have also established plantings of native species in the memory of people for whom the park was a special place.  These plantings are in the strip of land adjacent the memorial bench. Benches can also be donated in memory of friends of the park. For information about the Memorial Project please contact Debi  at